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Our philosophy


In coordinated workshop modules the professionals will teach you the shooting, cutting and processing of real estate and image videos.

The swiss-media film school reacts to the innovative digital progress in marketing and presentation on the international real estate market. swiss-mediagroup is the only film school that trains real estate agents, real estate experts, entrepreneurs and private individuals in the creation of real estate and image videos.

Our goal is to provide each student with the expertise to produce their own professional real estate and image videos. We help not only newcomers, but also clients who are already professionally succesful. With us one can clarify unusual technical questions and be sure to always get a practical and technically founded answer. A final certificate will of course be handed over upon successful participation.

Our trainers are professionals who have acquired their knowledge through years of international practice. They are happy to share this valuable practical experience with you. They provide individual support and attach great importance to imparting the knowledge to you in a realistic and sustainable way. We want satisfied customers who are happy to recommend our film school!

The swiss-mediagroup offers you a range of basic and advanced training opportunities in the areas of real estate and image video production as well as in the important field of acquiring new customers. In our practical workshops, we train you in small groups in the use of the camera and sound. We show you the working techniques you need to create a high-quality real estate video. We train you in the technical and creative handling of video equipment and pay special attention to the sensible and object-related sequencing of real estate videos.

Are you an interested layman and would like to learn the basics of designing real estate or image video productions? Our video craft courses are designed for you!


Our goals

We have understood that the marketing of real estate is changing dramatically in the age of digitalization and needs innovative impulses.

With us you get the following skills:

  • Introduction to the technical basics of modern camers
  • Dealing with the most important settings of the cameras
  • Dealing with Sharpness, Exposure and Color
  • Camera movements, their effect and application
  • Handling technical aids such as gimbal and rails
  • Procedure for the production of a real estate or image video production, from planning to shooting
  • Professional skills in the acquisition of new customers

We are always able to offer our customers the best possible price-performance ratio.


  • You will learn the basics and how to use the most important tools for successful planning and execution of a high-quality real estate video production.
  • You can offer your customers a unique and exclusive real estate presentation.
  • You are independent of external video service providers.
  • You are ready and trained for the future of real estate marketing.
  • You are ready to present yourself and your company in a contemporary way through your own image video.
  • You will successfully win new customers
  • You go the pulse of time!

Target audience

The workshops are suitable for entrepreneurs and private individuals as well as for those who are already active in the real estate business or are striving for it in the near future.


None required.

You want to deepen your Knowledge?

Direct Implementation

You will be professionally coached in our workshops and you can directly

Enormous time Saving

With the real estate videos you produce, you optimize your sales processes. Your customers will be thrilled!

We help you at any time

We are always available and will help you with words and deeds after the course.
Just give us a call.

Highest international education level through professional and experienced lecturers

In our professional workshops for real estate and image videos, you will learn the most important basics of camera work. You will also gain a sound insight into the craft of filmmaking.

Through a balanced mix of theory and practice, the contents of the courses are conveyed to you in an attractive and sustainable way. The swiss-media film school is an independent training centre. We set the highest quality standards for our course offerings. In order to achieve optimal learning success, we provide intensive and practical training. Through our partnership with renowned film schools, we have successfully engaged the best camera instructors with many years of practical experience for our courses. We attach great importance to high-quality knowledge transfer. Our aim is to have satisfied customers who are then happy to recommend us to others. We do not only impart theoretical knowledge, but also focus on practical application.

Your advantages

You will be able to produce your own high quality real estate- and image videos in no time. Offer your customers the exclusive added value. Benefit from the innovative real estate presentation and the resulting time savings. Your customers will be thrilled. Be ready for the future of real estate marketing. Sign up for the workshop today!

Direct Implementation

You will be perfectly trained and coached by film professionals in our seminars. Thus, you can put what you have learned into practice directly.

Enormous time Saving

Already after the 2-day basic seminar, you will be able to produce high-quality real estate videos. Thus you optimize the marketing time of your portfolio. Your customers will be thrilled!

We help you at any time

We are always available and will help you with words and deeds after the course.

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Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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